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10 product-.380x.500x250' Bev-Seal Ultra Barrier 235 Insulated Bundle+4 Glycol-.380x.500x250' lldpe


10 product-.380x.500x250' Bev-Seal Ultra Barrier 235 Insulated Bundle+4 Glycol-.380x.500x250' lldpe Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 973-00010004x250
Price: $3,433.00
Description: 10 product-.380x.500x250' Bev-Seal Ultra Barrier 235 Insulated Bundle+4 Glycol-.380x.500x250' lldpe
10 Product-.380x.500x250' Bev-Seal Ultra Barrier 235 (14-0) 4 Glycol-.380x.500x250' Natural LLDPE Series 22 (14-0)
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Configuration 10 Product-0.380 x 0.500 Bev-Seal Ultra® Barrier Series 235 Tubes
4 Glycol-0.380 x 0.500 Natural LLDPE Series 22 Tubes
Series 971 Cabled
Length 250'
Package Type Each
Max. Bundle O.D. 3.8"
Min. Bend Radius 12"
Clamp Size 14.0 Oetiker
Weight (per 250') 275.0 lb / 125.0 kg
Type Insulated Barrier Tubing Bundles

More About Bev-Seal Ultra® Series 971/973 Non-Cabled/Cabled Insulated Bundle Barrier Tube aka "Trunk Line":
Used on Beer Draft Systems, Liquor and Beverage Installations with Glycol Systems
Bev-Seal Ultra® Series 971/973 Non-Cabled/Cabled insulated bundle barrier tube is comprised of flushable Bev-Seal Ultra® Series 235 tubes, each color coded and individually numbered, and Natural-colored Series 21 LLDPE coolant/Glycol tubes strategically placed and designed to provide optimum cooling. A tear-resistant aluminized film wrap over the group of tubes further enhances the insulating properties of the 3/4" thick tubular foam sleeve. A black extruded jacket with slip agent to minimize friction is branded with product identification, NSF listing marks, and footage counter marks. Other jacket colors available.
(Some Limitations May Apply)
The Bev-Seal Ultra® Flushable Dual-Barrier System, exclusive to Accuflex, combines two barrier layers to protect your beverages from cross-tastes and other off-tastes. The Dual-Barrier system, with an ultra smooth inner surface, provides permeation resistance far superior to products with single barrier liners. This system gives you a flushable flavor control package that not only allows the true flavor of your beverages to be enjoyed, but also allows for flavor changes when needed. Patent applications are pending in the USA and in the UK on the use of the Glas-Flex™ liner and the Dual-Barrier construction. Bev-Seal Ultra® beverage hose, tubing and bundles feature our exclusive Glas-Flex™ inner layer, creating a truly flushable Dual-Barrier product that allows quick flavor changes, including pungent flavors.
    Accuflex Glas-Flex™ inner liner is:
  • Non-porous
  • Non-absorbent
  • Flushable
  • Taste-Free
  • FDA-Sanctioned
  • NSF-51/NSF-61 Accepted
The Glas-Flex™ polymer liner offers permeation resistance to flavors and gases, Bev-Seal Ultra® products still utilize our proprietary barrier layer in the wall of the tube to give optimum permeation resistance for organic flavors and gases such as oxygen and carbon dioxide. This dual-barrier construction makes Bev-Seal Ultra® products ideal for conveying and dispensing soft drinks for which flavor cross-over protection for pungent flavors is needed, and for juices and beer for which oxygen protection is critical.
Extensive laboratory testing, using both analytical and sensory techniques, has demonstrated that Bev-Seal Ultra® products are the best in the industry to assure that the great original flavor of beverages is not altered or compromised by the hose or tubing, even over extended lengths. Bev-Seal Ultra® can transport and hold both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, while retaining their properties for hours, days, and even weeks. As part of our comprehensive field testing program in actual commercial installations, we confirmed that a highly flavored cranberry concentrate and a colorless carbonated beverage could be exchanged in the Bev-Seal Ultra® lines through a normal sanitizing protocol without evidence of any residual flavor left in the lines. Now, even pungent flavors can be switched without the need to remove and replace the tubing lines.
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