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Silicone Tubing | SPX-50

Quality Silicone Tubing, Silicone Hose, Medical Grade Tubing and Hose

More info about Saint-Gobain Silicone Tube Formula SPX-50
  • Typical Applications
  • Beverage Dispensing
  • Food and Dairy Processing
  • Veterinary Pharmaceuticals
  • Respiratory and Anesthesia Equipment
  • Sterile Filling and Processing
  • Analytical Instrumentation
  • Cosmetic Production
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Appliance Manufacturing
  • Electronic Equipment
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  • SPX-50 Silicone Formula Tubing Hazard Warnings & Use Instructions CLICK HERE
    Silicone Tubing is rated from -100 to 350 degrees F.
    Part # ID x OD x WALL x LENGTH
    ABX01 1/32x3/32x1/32x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX01
    Out of Stock  
    ABX02 1/16x1/8x1/32x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX02
    Out of Stock  
    ABX03 1/16x3/16x1/16x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX03
    Out of Stock  
    ABX04 3/32x5/32x1/32x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX04
    Out of Stock  
    ABX05 3/32x7/32x1/16x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX05
    Out of Stock  
    ABX06 1/8x3/16x1/32x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX06
    Out of Stock  
    ABX07 1/8x1/4x1/16x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX07
    Out of Stock  
    ABX09 5/32x7/32x1/32x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX09
    Out of Stock  
    ABX11 3/16x1/4x1/32x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX11
    Out of Stock  
    ABX12 3/16x5/16x1/16x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX12
    Out of Stock  
    ABX13 3/16x3/8x3/32x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX13
    Special Price
    In Stock  
    ABX14 3/16x7/16x1/8x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX14
    Out of Stock  
    ABX16 1/4x5/16x1/32x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX16
    Out of Stock  
    ABX17 1/4x3/8x1/16x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX17
    Special Price
    In Stock  
    ABX18 1/4x7/16x3/32x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX18
    Out of Stock  
    ABX19 1/4x1/2x1/8x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX19
    Out of Stock  
    ABX22 5/16x7/16x1/16x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX22
    Out of Stock  
    ABX23 5/16x1/2x3/32x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX23
    Out of Stock  
    ABX24 5/16x9/16x1/8x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX24
    In Stock  
    ABX27 3/8x1/2x1/16x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX27
    Out of Stock  
    ABX28 3/8x9/16x3/32x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX28
    Out of Stock  
    ABX29 3/8"x5/8"x1/8"x50' SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX29
    Out of Stock  
    ABX33 7/16x5/8x3/32x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX33
    Out of Stock  
    ABX36 1/2x5/8x1/16x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX36
    Out of Stock  
    ABX37 1/2x11/16x3/32x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX37
    Out of Stock  
    ABX38 1/2x3/4x1/8x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX38
    In Stock  
    ABX45 5/8x13/16x3/32x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX45
    Out of Stock  
    ABX46 5/8x7/8x1/8x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX46
    Out of Stock  
    ABX53 3/4x1x1/8x50 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX53
    Out of Stock  
    ABX62 1x1-1/4x1/8x25' SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX62
    Out of Stock  
    ABX69 1-1/4x1-1/2x1/8x25 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX69
    Out of Stock  
    ABX74 1-1/2x2x1/4x25 SPX-50 Silicone Tube ABX74
    Out of Stock  

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    More about Silicone Tubing:
    Versilic SPX50 Formula Silicone Tube Spec Sheet Click Here carries a wide range of silicone tubing for many applications.
    Our Highest Quality Silicone Tubing, Silicone Hose, Medical Grade Tubing and Hose is SPX-50 Formula by Saint-Gobain. Designed for Demanding Requirements Peroxide-cured Versilic™ Silicone Tubing Formulation SPX-50 is designed for use in applications where flexibility, resiliency and durability are required. Produced from a proprietary combination of silicone elastomers, Versilic Silicone Tubing optimizes critical physical properties such as tensile strength, elongation and compression set, resulting in a more physically durable product. Its smooth inner surface reduces the risk of particulate entrapment and microscopic buildup during fluid transfer.
    Consistently Reliable Results Every lot of raw material used in the manufacture of Versilic Silicone Tubing undergoes a series of in-house physical property testing before use. This stringent evaluation of ingredients helps to provide the repeatable quality found in every foot of Versilic Silicone Tubing. Annual testing on actual tubing samples is performed for reaffirmation of adherence to USP Class VI Criteria. Heavy metals extraction analysis, as well as, cytotoxicity testing is performed to confirm the tubing’s bio-compatibility.
    Complies with Regulatory Guidelines Versilic Silicone Tubing complies fully with the requirements of the USP Class VI Criteria and is entirely non-toxic, non-hemolytic and non-pyrogenic. It also meets 3-A Sanitary Standards, FDA 21 CFR Part 177.2600 Criteria and NSF 51 Standard.
    Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics: The Leader in Silicone Tubing Innovation Versilic Silicone Tubing provides versatility in use for a broad range of applications. However, for situations requiring uniquely engineered properties, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics can design a formulation suited to meet your specific needs. Specialty formulations may be designed to provide a combination of features, including ultra-high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, closed cell sponge, pigmented colors and long flexural life.
  • Provides Resiliency, Long Life and Durability
  • Ultra-Smooth Inner Bore Reduces Risk of Particulate Entrapment
  • Taste and Odor Free
  • Withstands Temperature Extremes From -75°F to 350°F
  • Meets USP Class VI and FDA Criteria
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