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Male Flare x Tube | John Guest

John Guest x Flare Connectors PI0108F4S, PI0112F4S, PI0112F5S, PI0112F6S, PI0112F8S, PI0116F8S

Male Flare x Tube | John Guest
  • Push-fit technology
  • Quick disconnection without the need for tools
  • Food Quality and suitable for potable liquids
  • Suitable for soft metal or plastic tubes
  • Suitable for air or inert gases
  • Superior flow characteristics
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  • For product specifications please refer to the John Guest Web Site
    Please try to order in bag quantities of 10pcs when possible
    Part # TUBE x FLARE
    G63-44 1/4" JG x 1/4" Flare Acetal
    John Guest PI0108F4S
    In Stock  
    G63-64 3/8" JG x 1/4" Flare Acetal
    John Guest PI0112F4S
    In Stock  
    G63-66 3/8" JG x 3/8" Flare Acetal
    John GuestPI0112F6S
    In Stock  
    G63-68 3/8" JG x 1/2" Flare Acetal
    John Guest PI0112F8S
    In Stock  
    G63-88 1/2" JG x 1/2" Flare Acetal
    John Guest PI0116F8S
    In Stock  

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    For current factory product specifications please refer to the John Guest Web Site
    Working Pressure and Temperature Range;
    Super Speedfit fittings are suitable for the following pressures and temperatures.



    5/32" - 5/16"
    4mm - 8mm

    3/8"- 1/2"
    10mm - 22mm

    -20°C  16 Bar 10 Bar
    Potable Liquids and Air    
    +1°C 16 Bar
     10 Bar
     +20°C  16 Bar  10 Bar
     +65°C  10 Bar   7 Bar

    Also suitable for vacuum

    Depending on the tube used, under certain conditions fittings may be used at higher pressures and temperatures. Please refer to John Guest Customer Service Department/website for guidance.

    Note: 1 Bar = 14.5 PSIG.

    Tube Types

    Plastic Tube - Polyethylene, nylon and polyurethane conforming to the tolerances shown below. For soft tubing or thin wall tube we recommend the use of tube inserts.

    Braided Tube - Use of Tube to Hose Stems is essential when using tube. Use of clamps to retain braided tube on barbs is recommended.

    Metal Tube (soft) - Brass, copper or mild steel conforming to the tolerances below

    Metal Tube (hard) - We do not recommend Super Speedfit fittings for hard metal tubes or chromium plated tubes.

    For stainless steel and other polished metal tubes we recommend the use of SuperSeal fittings.

    It is essential that outside diameters be free from score marks and that the tube be deburred before inserting the fitting.

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