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Carbon Inline Filters

Carbon Inline Water Filters

Omnipure Carbon Inline Filters
  • 2" & 2.5" x 6", 10" & 12" Carbon Inline Water Filters
  • Used Primarily For Reduction of Bad Taste and Odor
  • Multiple Applications
  • Granular Activated GAC, Block GAC, SIC Silver Impregnated Carbon
  • FPT Filters allow you to add your own Fittings/JJ includes Quick Connect Fittings
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  • Part # Carbon Inline Filters
    K2333-JJ 1/4"QCx2.0"x6" GAC T33 Coco K-Series Inline Water Filter
    Non-Stock Item  
    6C 1/4" FPT, 2"x6" 10m, T28/T36 GAC, 1000gal/12mo
    Inline Water Filter CL6ST-B
    In Stock  
    CL6ROT33-C 3/8" FPT, 2"x6", 5m, T33 GAC, 1000gal/12mo
    Inline Water Filter CL6ROT33-C
    Out of Stock  
    CL10STBB 1/4" FPT, 2"x10", 10m, T-33 GAC, 1500gal/12mo
    Inline Water Filter 10C
    In Stock  
    10C-T40 1/4" FPT, 2"x10", 10m, T40 Coconut GAC, 1500gal/12mo Inline Water Filter CL10ROT40-B
    Out of Stock  
    10C-C 3/8" FPT, 2"x10", 10m, T/33 GAC, 1500gal/6mo
    Inline Water Filter CL10STCC-T/33
    In Stock  
    10C-BLOCK 1/4" FPT, 2"x10", 1m, Block GAC, 1500gal/12mo
    Inline Water Filter K2520-BB
    Out of Stock  
    K2533JJ 1/4" QC, 2"x10", 12x40m, Acid Washed GAC,
    1500gal/12mo. Omnipure Inline Water Filter
    In Stock  
    K2515-JJ 1/4" QC, 2"x10", 1m, Block GAC, 750gal/12mo Lead Specific, Cyst Reduction, Omnipure Inline Water Filter K2515-JJ
    In Stock  
    K5528-BB 1/4" FPT, 2.5"x10", 20x50m, GAC, 2000gal/12mo Pre RO Inline Water Filter K5528-BB
    Out of Stock  
    K5628-BB 1/4" FPT, 2.5"x12", 20x50m, GAC, 2500g/12mo Pre-Ro Omnipure Inline Water Filter K5628-BB
    Out of Stock  
    K5628SS 1/4" 90° QC, 2.5"x12", 20x50m, GAC, 2500g/12mo, Pre-RO Omnipure Inline Water Filter K5628SS
    Out of Stock  
    K5630-BB 1/4" FPT 2.5"x12" Silver Impregnated Carbon, 6 mo. Omnipure Inline Water Filter K5630-BB
    Out of Stock  
    K5633-BB 1/4" FPT, 2.5"x12", 12x40m, Acid Washed T33 GAC, 2500gal/12mo Post RO Omnipure Inline Water Filter K5633-BB
    Out of Stock  
    K5633TS 1/4" QC 90°, 2.5"x12", Acid Washed GAC, 2500gal/12mo Post-RO Omnipure Inline Water Filter K5633TS
    Out of Stock  

    IPS#: MFG#: Size: Life: Volume:
    6CCL6ST T28 2.5" x 6" 1000 Gallons 8.3
    10CCL10ST-BB T332"x10"1500 Gallons 16.6
    10C-CCL10ST-CC T332"x10"1500 Gallons 16.6
    10C-T40CL10ROT402"x10"1500 Gallons16.6
    10C-BlockK2520-BB2"x10"1500 Gallons16.6
    10C-JG4K2533-JJ2"x10"1500 Gallons18.5
    K2515-JJK2515-JJ2"x10"750 Gallons18.5
    K5528-BBK5528-BB2.5"x10"2000 Gallons/1 yr28.6
    K5628K5628 2.5" x 12" 2500 Gallons 35.5
    K5628SSK5628SS 2.5" x 12" 2500 Gallons 35.5
    K5628TSK5628TS 2.5" x 12" 2500 Gallons 35.5
    K5633-BBK5633-BB 2.5" x 12" 2500 Gallons 35.5
    USES Include: Ice makers, refrigerators, under-the-counter, drinking fountains, beverage equipment, R.O. Systems, and with commercial purification systems.
    The CL-Series Though the basic configuration of the CL-Series hasn’t changed in over 30 years, it incorporates the design innovations that have made OMNIPURE the leader in the inline water filtration industry. Customers have come to rely upon this simple but dependable inline filter for a variety of uses including ice machines, water coolers, drinking fountains, as well as under-the-sink applications and as components in reverse osmosis systems. You will find a use for this filter in virtually any situation where better tasting water is important.
    Superior engineering and production techniques are the keys to the success of the CL-Series. For instance, each filter utilized a unique spring disc that keeps media under ideal pressure, eliminating channeling and ensuring an equal distance linear path. Furthermore, no glues or binders that may cause contamination are used in the manufacturing process. Instead, components are friction-welded together, producing a reliable, no-leak seal. And finally, all threaded connections are precision cut by machine with results in the more accurate and repeatable thread possible.
    The CL-Series - a tried and true product that remains a vital part of our business and one of the main reasons why OMNIPURE filters are considered the finest disposable inline water filter ever manufactured.
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