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Carbon + Phosphate | E & ELF-Series

Carbon + Phosphate | E & ELF-Series by Omnipure

Carbon + Phosphate | E & ELF-Series by Omnipure
Engineered and manufactured to the same exacting standards as all Omnipure filters, the E & ELF-Series’ expanded volume and higher flow rates are ideal for commercial applications such as equipment protection and water polishing. Each filter series is tested with a maximum pressure of 125 psi and a maximum temperature of 100° F.
Features and Benefits of the ELF-Series;
  • Better tasting, polished water
  • Carbon is for Taste and Odor, chlorine Removal
  • Large 3.5" wide x 10" or 15" lengths.
  • Capacities of up to 20,000 gal.
  • Flow rates of up to 2.0 gal/min.
  • Two-piece bayonet-style replaceable body and permanent head
  • Best cost-to-performance ratio in the industry
  • Also available, softener to Protect equipment from hard water
  • Also available, Lead & Cyst specific GAC Media
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Part #   SIZE   x   MICRON   x   MEDIA   x   GALLONS
E5386 2.5" x 6", 10m, T40 GAC + Phosphate, 1000gal
E-Series Water Filter Everpure Replacement (E6CP)
In Stock  
E5420-P 2.5" x 8", 1m, Block GAC + Phosphate, 1500gal
E-Series Water Filter Everpure Replacement
Out of Stock  
E5486 2.5" x 8", 10m, T40 GAC + Phosphate, 1250gal
E-Series Water Filter Everpure Replacement (E8CP)
Out of Stock  
E5586 2.5"x10", 10m, T40 GAC + Phosphate, 1500gal
E-Series Water Filter Everpure Replacement (E10CP)
In Stock  
E5686 2.5" x 12", 10m, T40 GAC + Phosphate, 2000gal
E-Series Water Filter Everpure Replacement (E12CP)
In Stock  
E5720-P 2.5" x 14", 1m, Block GAC + Phosphate, 3000gal
E-Series Water Filter Everpure Replacement
Out of Stock  
E5786 2.5" x 14", 10m, T40 GAC + Phosphate, 2500gal
E-Series Water Filter Everpure Replacement (E14CP)
In Stock  
ELF-1M-P 3.5"x10", 1m, GAC Block + Phosphate
15000gal,1.67gpm, ELF-Series Water Filter
Everpure Replacement
In Stock  
ELF-1ML-P 3.5"x10".1m,Lead Reducing,C-Block + Phosphate
2500gal,1.67gpm, ELF-Series Water Filter
Everpure Replacement H104
Out of Stock  
ELF-10M-P 3.5"x10", 10m, GAC Block + Phosphate,
10000gal, 1.67gpm, ELF-Series Water Filter
Everpure Replacement
Out of Stock  
ELF-XL-1MP 3.5"x15", 1m, GAC Block + Phosphate,
20000gal, 2.0gpm, ELF-Series Water Filter
Everpure Replacement
In Stock  
ELF-1M-PSBAM-WRAP 3.5"x10" w/TopTabs, Carbon Lead Block/Phosphate Wrap Everpure Replacement EV9618-02: chlorine, scale, cysts, bacteria, and sediments
Out of Stock  

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Part #: Description: Price: Qty:
QBRACKET Omnipure Single Bracket for Q, E, & ELF Series Water Filter Heads - Plastic, White $2.24
ELF-NVH-DK7-C 3/8" FPT E & ELF-Series Filter Head, Non Valved Omnipure $9.02
201LF-6C 3/8"x3/8" Barb x MPT Connector Lead Free $1.16
TT5-C 1/2" x 520" .0035-.004 MilSpec T-27730A Teflon Tape-China $0.57

More About The Omnipure E-Series and ELF-Series Everpure® Replacement Water Filters;
The E-Series and ELF-Series are both a replacement filter body engineered with a universal cap, designed to affix to existing permanent heads, including Everpure® Standard Heads for Example. (note; Everpure QL1 Heads are Smaller Diameter, Omnipure suffix is "-SB" for Small Bayonet.) This series offers similar performance to existing replacement filter bodies on the market, but is offered at a much lower price.
The new E-Series and ELF-Series are designed for our customers that are already using existing Everpure permanent heads but would like an alternative to the replacement bodies currently offered. The E-Series and ELF-Series also fit Omnipure ELF-Heads ELF-HEAD-DK7 AND ELF-HEAD-DK7-P6.
The main benefit of the E-Series and ELF-Series is price to performance value. E-Series Water Filters, with equal or superior filtration capability, are offered at a considerably lower price than comparable replacement bodies on the market.
Omnipure utilizes several media or media combinations to address standard water problems including Granular Activated Carbon (GAC), Polypropylene Depth Filtration, and Polyphospate. Omnipure also offers one or ten micron Carbon Blocks, Carbon Blocks with Lead Absorbent Material and Carbon Blocks with Scale Inhibitors to address specific water conditions.
E-Series replacement bodies are offered in 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”and 14” lengths. Bodies are tested to withstand pressure of 125 psi and temperature of 100º F. Media service life is designed to handle up to 3,000 gallons in some models and filtration micron ratings are as low as 1 micron in other models.

More About The Omnipure ELF-Series;
The ELF-Series of filters from Omnipure was designed specifically for the higher volume requirements for the food service industry. In contrast to what the name implies, the new ELF’s (Extra-Large Format) capacity of up to 20,000 gallons and flow rates of up to 2.0 gal/minutes, make it ideal for use in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and vending machines.
The ELF-Series is engineered in a two-piece configuration with a permanent head and a bayonet style replaceable polypropylene body. This configuration helps to reduce cost as simple body replacement is cheaper than replacing the entire filter apparatus. Replacement is fast and easy. The body is quickly detached from the head with the twist of a wrist, no tool required.
Omnipure has developed an entire series of carbon blocks to work in the extra large ELF filter body. The Omnipure Blocks™ available in the ELF-Series include standard 10 and 1 micron Carbon Blocks, Lead-Specific Carbon Blocks and Polyphosphate / Carbon Blocks for equipment protection from contaminants associated with hard water. All Omnipure filter bodies are made with virgin, high-impact polypropylene which is especially ideal for use in applications where sanitary conditions are required. All materials of construction are NSF and/or FDA approved.
The ELF-Series from Omnipure. Cost-effective, point-of-use water filtration for high volume applications.
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