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D-Style Keg Couplers & Repair Parts

D-Style Keg Couplers & Repair Parts

D Series=American/Domestic Kegs, Select Your Desired Style & Click The Button Below to view options and prices
D-Style Lever Handle Keg Couplers D-Style Wing Handle Keg Couplers D-Style Lowboy Handle Keg Couplers D-Style Lever Handle Keg Coupler Parts
D Style; Most common system available in the US, also known as American Sankey-Used by all the major breweries- Abita, Anheuser-Busch, Bass, Boulevard, Coors, Labatt, Molson, New Belgium, SAB Miller Coors, Shiner, Sierra Nevada, as well as most craft breweries.

Safe, efficient and simple to operate, it meets all of your performance requirements:
Safe: A high-capacity pressure relief valve has been incorporated as an integral part of the coupler body. This serves two purposes: First, when functioning with other relief devices in the system, it will prevent a keg from reaching pressure in excess of recommended working pressure. Second, it allows the user to relieve pressure when needing to prevent or troubleshoot dispensing problems.
Efficient: Designed for maximum flow, it can be used for either single or a series of keg dispensers. Specially designed pressure inlet nipple eliminates the need for a coupling washer when used with standard Taprite check valve. Flow of gas is controlled by lever handle; in up position pressure is off, when down it is on. The coupler can be quickly disassembled for cleaning and periodic service. No special tools required.
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