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Compression Fittings | Brass

Brass Compression Fittings | Tees, Unions, Connectors, Adaptors

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Images are for illustration purposes, shapes may vary from actual inventory.
Brass Compression Nut Brass Compression Sleeve Brass Compression Insert Tube Support Compression Delrin Sleeve Jaco Compression Tube Support
Brass Compression Cap Brass Compression Union Brass Compression Bulkhead Union Brass Compression Male Connector Brass Compression Elbow 90°
Brass Compression Male Connector Elbow 90° Brass Compression Male Connector Elbow 45° Brass Compression Female Adapter Brass Compression Female Adapter Elbow 90° Brass Compression Tee
Brass Compression Male Run Tee Brass Compression Female Run Tee Brass Compression Male Branch Tee Brass Compression Female Branch Tee Brass Compression Female Street Tee
Brass Compression Reducer Brass Compression x Flare Union Brass Compression x Female Flare Adapter Brass Compression Max Adapter EZ Tee
More About Brass Compression Fittings;
Brass is one of the best and most common materials used for making Fittings. Brass as a construction material is an alloy (primarily) of copper and zinc. Brass Compression Fittings are in high demand because of some inherent properties which make them superior to other materials. Brass Compression Fittings are for the conveyance of Water, Hydraulic Fluids, Pneumatic Applications, Flammable Gases, Slurries, Chemicals, etc.

Compression Tee Fittings are designed as an easy and economical method of connecting tubing with the assurance of a tight joint that can be rapidly connected and disconnected without leakage. By using Compression aka ball sleeve tube fittings, soldering and flaring are eliminated. Compression Ball sleeve tube fitting connections are made by slipping the nut and sleeve over the tubing and inserting the tubing into the fitting. The nut is then tightened onto the fitting and the action of turning the nut compresses the inner sleeve and makes the sleeve a component part of the tubing. The angle of the compressed sleeve makes a leak proof joint between the tubing and fitting. Compression fittings are sold complete with nuts and sleeves. When using plastic tube, make sure to use a plastic sleeve (delrin sleeve), inner sleeve, and tube support (aka tube insert).

Brass Compression Fittings are used in industrial and residential applications because they are strong and durable. The advantages of using Brass for Compression Fittings includes its good corrosive resistance, and also its plating, joining, polishing and finishing characteristics. Brass as a material is easily machined and so it can be given any shape of the various types of Fittings available.

IPS offers a wide range of Brass Fittings including Brass Flare Fittings, Brass Pipe Thread Fittings, Brass Compression Fittings, Brass Garden Hose Fittings, Brass Hose Barb Fittings, Brass Needle Valves, Brass Ball valves, etc. These are fabricated using graded raw material and are known for their dimensional accuracy, high strength and better durability. Further, IPS offers these in different sizes and specifications to suit the diverse applications of its customers.

The Brass Compression Fittings IPS offers are considered Pneumatic and Hydraulic Fittings that have extensive applications in diverse industries. The entire assortment has gained huge appreciation in the market for their host of exclusive and unique features. Can be used with Copper Tubing, poly tubing, and even Beverage Tubing using special Barb x Tube Fittings.

All of the Brass Fittings offered by are fabricated using quality raw material. Designed using advanced technology, our range is known for its dimensional accuracy, high strength and better durability standards. These Brass Fittings are standard and AB1953 compliant when indicated and provided by at wholesale, factory direct prices.

The Brass Fittings and the Copper Industry are a very dynamic and recently volatile industry due to Domestic Copper Shortages, EPA Regulations, Diminishing Domestic Production, and even more recently, changes in the Law. The Size, Weight and Shape of Brass Fittings are evolving and may vary from images appearing on the Installation Parts website. IPS has little to no control over the manufacturing process of Brass Fittings unless specific engineered drawings are provided by the customer, in which case we may have them produced to your specifications. IPS will then provide you a price quote and, once available, a sample for your approval to begin production.
    Assembly Instructions
  1. Cut tubing to desired length.
  2. Slide nut and then sleeve on tube. Threaded end “A” of nut must face toward fitting.
  3. Insert tubing into fitting body. Be sure tubing is bottomed on fitting shoulder.
  4. Lubricate threads and assemble nut to fitting body.
  5. Tighten nut hand tight. From that point, tighten with a wrench the number of turns indicated;
    1/8" thru 1/4" - 1-1/4 Turns" 5/16" - 1-3/4 Turns" 3/8" thru 1" - 2-1/4 Turns"
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